Response to questions for:  

Proposal To Provide Professional Project and Program Management Services For MDA Disaster Recovery CDBG Programs - RFP No. 030315

Addendum No.1 

Date Issued: March 16, 2015

The following questions were submitted for consideration:

Page 22, Letter I of RFP #030315, issued March 5, 2015, request estimated cost data for proposed services.  On page 12, within the section entitled “Term and Extension of Contract”, the Authority indicates an initial contract term of one year with option for a potential one-year extension.  

Q:  Does the Authority desire for the proposer to include estimated cost data for the first year only since the potential second year is based on the Authority’s needs at that time?

A:  Yes, please submit cost for the first year only.


Page 22, Letter I of RFP #030315, issued March 5, 2015, states “Lodging, travel, rental cars (or company vehicles), per diem, gas and cell phones should be included in the cost data and will not be reimbursed separately.”  

Q:  Please clarify this statement to confirm whether these costs should or should not be built into the hourly rate of each position and, if they should not be, that they will be reimbursed subject to the limitations of the firm fixed agreement?

A:  Travel cost should be estimated as a separate line item in the cost data and not included in the hourly rate structure. Please provide justification for the estimated cost.  


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