CDBG Action Plans

Hurricane Zeta & Ida
Action Plan Comments – EMAIL   
Hurricane Zeta and Hurricane Ida Action Plan Amendment One (FINAL HUD Approved Action Plan)
Hurricane Zeta HAGP Grant Application (CDBG-DR) 2022 Housing Authority Grants Program (HAGP) Grant Application
Hurricane Zeta and Ida CDBG-DR Action Plan Amendment #1  English  Spanish  Vietnamese Grant No. B-21-DZ-28-0001
Zeta Action Plan Amendment One Appendix #2 
Hurricane Zeta CDBG-DR Final Action Plan Grant No. B-21-DZ-28-0001
Hurricane Zeta CDBG-DR Draft Action Plan  English  Spanish  Vietnamese Grant No. B-21-DZ-28-0001
Zeta Action Plan Appendix 1 Research and Justification Harrison County Beach and Outfalls Project
Zeta Action Plan Appendix 2 Unmet Needs Assessment
Zeta Action Plan Appendix 3  English   Spanish   Vietnamese 2020 Apartment Survey
CPD Green Building Retrofit Checklist Water and energy conservation measures
FEMA Match Guidebook REV 1 Implementation Guidebook
FEMA Match Grant Application Application for Funding

Programs and Supporting Documentation – EMAIL 

Zeta Roof Program Guidebook  

Fair Housing Program Guidebook – MCJ

Housing Grants Implementation Guidebook