CDBG Action Plans

Hurricane Zeta & Ida
Action Plan Comments – EMAIL   
Hurricane Zeta and Hurricane Ida Action Plan Amendment One (FINAL HUD Approved Action Plan)
Hurricane Zeta HAGP Grant Application (CDBG-DR) 2022 Housing Authority Grants Program (HAGP) Grant Application
Hurricane Zeta and Ida CDBG-DR Action Plan Amendment #1  English  Spanish  Vietnamese Grant No. B-21-DZ-28-0001
Zeta Action Plan Amendment One Appendix #2   
Hurricane Zeta CDBG-DR Final Action Plan Grant No. B-21-DZ-28-0001
Hurricane Zeta CDBG-DR Draft Action Plan  English  Spanish  Vietnamese Grant No. B-21-DZ-28-0001
Zeta Action Plan Appendix 1 Research and Justification Harrison County Beach and Outfalls Project
Zeta Action Plan Appendix 2 Unmet Needs Assessment
Zeta Action Plan Appendix 3  English   Spanish   Vietnamese 2020 Apartment Survey
CPD Green Building Retrofit Checklist Water and energy conservation measures
FEMA Match Guidebook Implementation Guidebook
FEMA Match Grant Application Application for Funding


Programs and Supporting Documentation – EMAIL 

Zeta Roof Program Guidebook  

Fair Housing Program Guidebook – MCJ

Housing Grants Implementation Guidebook