Phase II of the Homeowner Assistance Program is a housing needs program to provide compensation and advisory services to homeowners who suffered storm surge damage to their primary residence as of August 29, 2005, from Hurricane Katrina. The amount of compensation will be up to a maximum of $100,000. Assistance will be available for homeowners who wish to repair, rebuild, or relocate.

Program Status:  Complete

Modification #4 (Substantial) Final Version HAP Phase 2
Modification #7 (Technical) Elevation & Local Inspection Grants, Phase I & II Clarifications
Modification #9 (Substantial) Final Version Sold Home Program – Public Comment Version (English) (Spanish) (Vietnamese)
Modification #10  Local Government Building Inspector and Permitting Assistance
Amendment 6 – Partial Action Plan Long-Term Workforce Housing (English) (Spanish) (Vietnamese)
Amendment 7 – Partial Action Plan Hancock Co Long-Term Recovery
Modification #11  HAP Funding Reallocation Public
Modification #11 (Technical Phase I, Phase II & Phase III Grant Calculation
Modification #21 (Substantial)  
Amendment 1 Modification #3 (Technical) Additional Funding and Modification to National Objective
Amendment 1 Modification #4 (Substantial) Funding Reallocation
Modification # 15 Funding Reallocation
Amendment 4 Modification #3 (Substantial) Funding Reallocation
Modification #17 (Substantial) Program Funding Allocation
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Amendment 6 Modification #5 (Substantial) (English) (Spanish) (Vietnamese) Funding Reallocation
Modification #20 (Technical, Non-Substantial Funding Reallocation 
Amendment 4 Modification #11 (Substantial) English Spanish Vietnamese Funding Reallocation