Due to the significant amount of construction taking place on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and the need to adequately plan and inspect construction activities, MDA established a grant pool for grants to local governments in Hancock, Harrison, Pearl River and Jackson counties for costs of additional permitting and building inspector officials for one year. MDA published a program of grant assistance to local governments. Applications were evaluated based on current staffing levels, anticipated workloads and projected staffing levels to meet those workloads as well as needs throughout the coastal counties.  This qualifies as a public service activity. This activity meets the national objective criteria of benefiting low/mod persons to the extent that the inspections and assistance is given to low/mod households. All other households above low mod/levels meet the national objective of urgent need.

Program Status:  Complete

Initial Action Plan  
Modification #10  Local Government Building Inspector and Permitting Assistance
Amendment 4 Modification #5 (Non-Substantial) Funding Reallocation
Amendment 6 Modification #5 (Substantial) English Spanish Vietnamese Funding Reallocation