The primary objective of the Tourism Restoration Grant Program is to increase the number of visitors to the impacted areas in order to recover and sustain the small businesses that rely on tourism, increase and sustain related jobs, and return the tax revenues to the communities in which these businesses reside. Furthermore, the program will strengthen consumer confidence, which helps encourage visitors to return, citizens to rebuild, and businesses to invest in the communities.  This program will accomplish these objectives by providing grants to:

  • Promote economic and community development through tourism events;
  •  Assist events in becoming more established and generating greater attendance and revenue; and
  • Restore and enhance the image of Mississippi, its regions, and communities as tourism destinations.

Program Status:  Complete

South Mississippi Tourism Industry Restoration Grant Program
Eligibility Criteria

Amendment 4 Modification #1 (Substantial)Funding Reallocation and Establishment of Tourism Program
Amendment 4 Modification #5 (Non-Substantial)Funding Reallocation